Family Friendly Firearms Instruction

Family Friendly Firearms Instruction
Family Friendly Firearms Instruction 2017-04-14T09:48:38+00:00

Welcome to “The Gun Safety Guy”

Our mission is: To help good people safely enjoy recreational shooting
and improve their ability to protect themselves responsibly.

The Gun Safety GuyWhy learn to shoot from The Gun Safety Guy?

You get top notch instruction from someone who has been shooting all his life and has been teaching others for over 40 years.

You get added value from quality instructional materials and equipment.


You get MORE:

  • A large selection of quality firearms with which to train.
  • Specially designed training equipment, such as SIRT trainers.
  • Quality instructional materials for you to keep and use in the future.
  • Every student in the Illinois Concealed Carry Class now receives a copy of Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals – a $30 value.

You get clear and helpful instruction from a master teacher with a lifetime of experience with all ages and advanced degrees to go with it. Check out the reviews.

Here’s What’s New at The Gun Safety Guy

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